5 Tips To Protect Your Home From Electrical Fire

If electricity is a boon to human civilization, it is a curse too. Dealing with electricity equipment carelessly can be fatal- life threatening, it can even start a fire. A fire caused by electricity can burn a property down to ashes resulting in loss of valuables. It is important therefore, to not take it for granted and take all measures to protect you, your family and your property.

Don’t Try To Fix Electrical Faults Yourself

Unless you are an electrician, you should not try to fix any electrical fault without a professional advise – even if it seems minor. A small mistake during the process can give you an electrical shock, take your life, or causea fire.

Plug-in Only One Heat Producing Appliance to Your Receptacle Outlet

You should not plug-in multiple heat producing appliances, like toasters, coffee-makers, space heaters to receptacle outlets at the same time. Using multiple heat generating products at the same time can create a significant volume of heat that may cause fire. So, use one at a time.

Heavy Electrical Appliances Should Directlybe Plugged-in to Wall Receptacle Outlet

You should not use extension boards to plug-in heavy electrical appliances, like refrigerators, washing machines, and air-conditioners, because they need more power to run. The extension boards cannot bear that heavy load. If you have no wall receptacle outlets near these appliances, call an expert electrician for electrical installations Surrey.

Use Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters to Ensure Power Cut In Emergency Conditions

Arc fault circuit interrupters a circuit breaker that breaks the circuit and stops power supply to electrical circuits as it detects electrical arc. So, this way, it protects your property from electrical fire hazard.

Use the Light Bulbs with Recommended Wattage Only

You should use the light bulbs of recommended wattage only. Using light bulbs with larger wattage poses fire hazard risks.

Taking care of these points will protect your property from electrical fire hazard. So, do consider them seriously.

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