All You Need to Know About Backflow Prevention

Every commercial and residential building must have backflow prevention Vancouver devices installed with their plumbing connections to save the water supply from the uncertain circumstances that create backflow. Backflow is the term used to express the phenomenon of water flowing backward through your plumbing lines, entering back into the water supply. This is dangerous because water that enters a building can no longer be guaranteed to be clean or safe and could even be compromised. Because every business is different and has varied plumbing needs, it is important to ensure everything that happens in that plumbing system can’t jeopardize the water supply for everyone else.

Here are a few questions you may have about your backflow prevention device:

What is a backflow prevention device?

A backflow prevention device is a mechanism used to prevent water that enters your property’s water lines from being able to flow backward into the public water supply. There are various types of backflow prevention devices; they are located near your main water line, and they must be tested once a year.

How can we test the backflow prevention device?

Backflow prevention testing is done by making a reverse-pressure situation in your water lines. This phenomenon should cause your backflow prevention device to trigger and cut off your water flow. We do this using the best quality backflow prevention tester that measures pressure and makes sure that your backflow prevention device triggers and stops backflow completely.

What happens if the backflow prevention device fails to work?

If your device fails inspection, we’ll go over the resulting outcomes with you and give you a list of things that are required. In some cases, the repairs may be minor, while in other cases, you may need service that will correct the issue, potentially including replacement of your backflow preventer. You don’t have to accept the first repair quote; you can call more than one provider to give you a quote for the repair task.

Do you need backflow prevention services? APNA Fire Electrical is trusted contractor with which you can easily book backflow prevention Vancouver services at the best rates. Our skilled experts will install, design, maintain, and inspect fire safety systems for commercial and strata properties, including backflow preventers, to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied.


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