Areas Where you can Keep Fire Extinguishers in your Home

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Do you know that fire extinguisher should be kept on every floor of your house? But are you unsure about where you should locate them? If you do not have any fire extinguishers at your house, then you should buy one immediately. There are many sources in your home where a fire can start and quickly get out of control. At that moment, it is essential to have a fire extinguisher at your house. You can even get fire suppression services from experts like Apna Fire and Electrical Services Ltd. They have a group of professionals who will help to prepare your home, to prevent fire from being able to spread across your building. A fire extinguisher can help to keep your place safe. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the areas in your home where you can easily keep fire extinguishers. So, let us get started.

Essential Places to Keep Fire Extinguishers

In your Kitchen

One of the most important locations where you can keep a fire extinguisher is the kitchen of your home. If you are a little bit unsure about why you should keep the extinguisher where your gas line and electric appliances are, then we will help you understand why. Cooking equipment reportedly poses the highest risk factors that can lead to a fire in your house. You can install the fire extinguisher near your stove or other appliances. Those who have a small kitchen can mount the extinguisher on the wall or in a closet so that you can find it easily in case of fire.

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Heat Sources

Another place you can keep a fire extinguisher is near heat sources. Your house is equipped with many heat sources. Whether it is a chimney or room heater, fireplace, or gas stove, these places are prone to fire. Therefore, it is important to keep fire extinguishers mounted near these places. Make sure you keep them handy.

Near your Bedrooms

Bedrooms in your house must have easy access to your fire extinguishers. You can get help from fire extinguisher installation experts who will provide fire suppression services at affordable prices.

On Every Floor

Keeping a fire extinguisher on every floor of your house will help you to stay protected in case of fire. We all know that fire can start from anywhere at home, and quick access to a fire extinguisher will help you prevent any further damage.

Garage or Workshop of your House

The garage, workshops, and sheds are other major areas where you need to install fire extinguishers. These contain combustible materials that are prone to catching fires. Therefore, it is important to add fire extinguishers in these places so that you will not suffer a huge loss. Make sure you install the correct size and type of fire extinguisher in your garage so that it will help you to avoid fire damage.

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So, these are some of the areas where you can easily add a fire extinguisher to your home. You can get fire suppression services from professionals like Apna Fire & Electrical Ltd., who are experts in providing fire protection.

Whether you are in need of smoke detectors, fire extinguisher installation or fire extinguisher inspection, or any other fire suppression services, you can get them from us.


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