Fire Alarm Inspection, Installation & Drills

Fire alarms play a hugely important role in our lives. They are what alerts us to a fire when there is one, through loud ringing, which should reach every area in your building, whether it is a small condo complex or a large multi-level office. Without them, people might not be aware that there is a fire in the building, which can prove fatal.

Fire Alarm Installation

If you do not yet have a fire alarm system in place in your building, get one as soon as possible. It is the law to have a fire alarm system in place, so it is necessary to install one during the building process, or as soon as you purchase the property. At Apna Fire and Safety we have a team available to you for expert fire alarm installation that obeys the laws and will help alert those in the building to emergencies.

Fire Alarm Inspection

If there is an existing fire alarm system in your property, fire alarm inspection is a completely necessary task to undertake on a regular basis. Don’t assume that the system works, because if it doesn’t, it may be too late to fix it. Carry out a fire alarm inspection when you get the keys to your new building. At Apna Fire and Safety, we can do this for you by analyzing each alarm and sending our team to all areas in your building to ensure it can be heard from anywhere and everywhere. Fire alarm inspection should be carried out regularly to make sure a fault hasn’t occurred in the system that could affect it working properly when needed. Get in touch with us and we can set up a regular fire alarm inspection for you.

Fire Alarm Drill

Finally, the people living or working in your property should be aware of the fire alarms and how they work. The building should carry out an annual fire alarm drill in order to familiarise occupants with the system. You should alert occupants beforehand, so as not to scare them, and explain where the closest exits are and where they should congregate when they exit the building. By setting up a fire alarm drill, the occupants of your building will learn what to do if there is ever a real fire.

For more information about fire alarm inspection, installation and drills, set up an appointment with Apna Fire and Safety.


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