Important Facts to Know About Fire Extinguishers

Here are five important facts about fire extinguishers that every property manager and owner should know.

You Cannot Use Just Any Fire Extinguisher

All fires are not the same, so all fire extinguishers. For instance, a grease fire is different from an electrical fire and a chemical fire. You cannot use the same fire extinguisher for every type of fire. Thus, which fire extinguisher you need to deal with a likely fire in your property can be determined only after analyzing the risks. So, you should call an expert in fire protection services to evaluate the risks and recommend the best fire extinguishers based on the needs.

Fire Extinguishers Must Be Checked Once A Month

You should check the fire extinguisher in your property at least once a month to become sure that it is working fine and it will not deceive when you need its help. Moreover, you should call a professional fire protection services company at least once a year to have the fire extinguishers inspected.

Fire Extinguishers Need to Be Recharged After Every Use

This is important for you to ensure the fire extinguishers installed in your property are fully charged. If they have been used for a mock drill recently, get them fully recharged as soon as possible to deal with any unfortunate occurrence of fire.

Fire Extinguishers Are Not Permanent

Fire extinguishers don’t last forever. Their average lifespan is 12 years. So, as your fire extinguisher becomes ten years old, be careful about it and ask the expert whom you call to inspect it how long you can use it. Replace it immediately as the inspector asks you to do it.

Fire Extinguishers Need Proper Disposal

You cannot throw away the removed fire extinguishers like regular waste. It needs special treatment. It will be better to ask your fire protection services provider regarding it. They will give you the best advice regarding the disposal.

If you already have fire extinguishers in your property and you want their professional inspection,or you want to have new fire extinguishers installed in your property, call us now. We have been providing fire protection services in the Lower Mainland for more than 20 years and are counted amongst the most reliable specialists.


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