How to Select the Best Fire Pump for Your Fire Sprinklers

High-quality and functional fire sprinklers are necessary for your commercial building to control the fire immediately and protect your valuable assets, your people, and building from fire damage. But, a fire sprinkler system cannot work alone. Fire sprinklers need a sufficient amount of water to put out the fire and fire pumps supply them water in the required amount. So, the sprinklers deal with fire efficiently.

When a fire occurs anywhere in your building and the heat reaches the fire sprinkler, the fire sprinkler immediately gets activated. It starts releasing water on the fire. In many cases, it has been noticed that fire sprinklers have succeeded to extinguish the fire before the team of firefighters arrives. However, this very much depends on the fire pump used for your fire sprinkler system. The fire pump must be able to identify any dips in water pressure. As the fire pump detects the water flow rate has reached below a certain level, the pump should start running automatically to give the required pressure back and help your sprinkler system to work with its full efficiency.

When it comes to selecting a fire pump for the fire sprinkler system in your building, you have mainly three options: horizontal split-case fire pumps, inline fire pumps, and vertical turbine fire pumps.

Horizontal split-case fire pumps are double-suction fire pumps. These pumps are the most preferred pumps type.

Inline fire pumps can be your choice if you are looking for a compact pump that can save some space as well as money.

Vertical turbine fire pumps are the best choice for your building if the water supply is below the suction flange.

Which fire pump will be the best choice for your requirements very much depends on the level of water supply, building’s square footage, and fire hazards.

However, fire safety services providers can give you the best recommendation examining your building, water supply level, and the risk of fire hazards.

So, schedule an appointment with a fire safety services provider to keep your building’s fire sprinklers effective to deal with fire emergencies efficiently.

To get your fire sprinklers examined and get the best fire pumps for your fire extinguishers, call us now. We have been providing fire safety solutions in the Lower Mainland area for more than 2 decades are recognized amongst the most trustworthy names in the market.


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