How You Can Review Your Fire Protection Services

When you move into a new building, there are quite a few things you need to familiarize yourself with. There could be a new entry system, such as a fob, a different type of gym, a new heating system, and maybe your appliances are older or newer than your last place. All of this can generally be quite exciting and it’s not exactly a chore learning these new aspects. Yet a certain amount of reviewing should be done when you move, and something that is absolutely essential is reviewing your fire protection services.

Fire protection services are particularly important in a multi-family residential building, such as an apartment block. With so many people living there, and so many opportunities for fires, such as in any one of the kitchens, you want to know that a fire can be controlled if one does break out.

Check Your Smoke Alarm

The smoke alarm is one of the most important elements of fire protection services. It is designed to alert those nearby that there is a fire. It is particularly useful during the night when we are asleep. When you move in, check that the batteries in the smoke alarm in your condo are working. Usually you will be alerted when they are running low, but to put your mind at ease, you can always just replace them anyway. You can also check that the smoke alarms in your hallway are working too, and ask the building manager about the common areas.

Learn Your Exits and Escape Plan

It is your responsibility to know where the fire exits closest to your unit are situated. You will find a map of them in your new condo, and you should familiarize yourself and your family with the evacuation plan best suited to where your apartment is located. If you are unsure of your route, ask your building manager to walk you through it.

Get an Inspection

At APNA Fire & Electrical Services, we can review your fire protection services to put your mind at ease. We will make sure that your building has the maximum fire protection services available to you and that those living there to how to use them. An annual review of fire protection services is recommended, so that none of your products go obsolete and that new residents in the building are informed of evacuation plans.


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