Common Backflow Preventer Installation Mistakes

When it comes to the installation of a backflow preventer, you cannot rely on just any backflow prevention services provider because an improper backflow preventer installation can create several problems. So, take your time, and hire an expert backflow prevention services provider for your needs.

Here are some most common backflow prevention mistakes.

At More than Five Feet Height from the Ground

A backflow preventer must be installed lower than five feet from the ground. If its height is more than 5 feet, it will create issues in testing, maintenance, and repair. Also, it will create the risk of injuries to the tester. When a backflow preventer is installed at a lower height, the inspector can easily examine the backflow preventer and fix any issues.

Vertical Installation with Downward Water Flow

Installing a backflow preventer vertically with downward water flow is a big mistake. If you do it, then the weight of the water section will not allow the check valves to close in case of backpressure.

Installing a Reduce Pressure Backflow Preventer at a Distance from Your Floor Drain

A reduce pressure backflow preventer must be installed close to a floor drain. Otherwise, the relief valve may leak. If you want to avoid any damage due to water, you should make sure the relief port is connected to a drain pipe of adequate size and terminated with an indirect connection above the floor drain. Besides, an air-break should be installed above the floor drain.

No Y-Strainer Upstream

A Y-strainer upstream is mandatory to be installed with a backflow preventer. It will remove solid wastes from the water system and reduce contamination risk. Besides, it does not allow the waste to reduce the efficiency of your backflow preventer.


Clearances must be respected; otherwise, the test cock can be out of reach. There must be sufficient space for your hands to use the tools, separate different parts to inspect them and replace them if required. By now, you must have understood why we have advised you not to hurry in hiring a backflow prevention services provider. Take your time and hire an expert with years of experience.


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