Best Time to Seek Fire Protection Services for Your Burnaby Home

Living in Burnaby means that you have a whole host of amenities on your doorstep. From mountains, to universities, to transit, the city has it all and is also within commuting distance of Vancouver, the largest city in the region. However, none of these matter if you can’t keep your home safe.

Whether you live in a multi-family residential unit in a condo or a single-family home in the suburbs, fire protection in Burnaby is absolutely essential. At APNA Fire & Electrical, we provide the best professional fire protection in Burnaby.

From evacuation plans, to extinguishers,to sprinklers, to preventative measures, our thorough plan will ensure you are as prepared as possible should a fire happen on your property. If you have never availed of fire protection in Burnaby before, we encourage you to do so. Here are the best times to do it.

Before Move In

If you have a new building in Burnaby, make sure to arrange fire protection in Burnaby before occupancy. That way our professional team will be able to scrutinize the space and install what we need to, without disturbing the occupants. Then the occupants can move in and place furniture in areas that are in accordance with the fire safety procedure.

During Renovation

If you are renovating a property, the work could impact your current fire safety plan in Burnaby. It is important that you update this so that your new one works in accordance with the renovations taking place in your building. Have our team get in touch with your building contractors and we can set up a new fire safety procedure for you, as well as installing new fire safety equipment.


There’s no time like the present. It’s never a bad idea to review your fire safety plan and have your equipment inspected to ensure proper functioning. An outdated fire safety plan, or equipment that has not been inspected in accordance with local fire codes, is putting both your property and its occupants at risk. At APNA Fire & Electrical, we will alleviate this concern and make sure that as much possible is in place to prevent a fire and, if one does occur, you are prepared for it in terms of escape routes and stopping it. Call us today and we can set up an appointment to install our detailed and professional fire protection services in your Burnaby property.


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