Importance of Backflow Prevention Inspections

Sprinkler systems have quickly taken center stage as vital fire suppression systems that can make a substantial difference in the event of a fire. While many people know how important sprinkler systems are, many are not aware that regular maintenance must occur in order to ensure the sprinklers will work when you need them. In fact, the fire code mandates regular backflow prevention inspections in order to ensure continued water supply pressure to the system.

An annual backflow prevention inspection and forward flow testing will ensure that the pressure of your water supply is ready to handle a fire emergency. While you may have a backflow control system already in place, proper maintenance and regular inspections will ensure it is doing its job. After all, just like other plumbing fixtures, backflow systems can wear down over time and need attention to stay in prime condition.

When hiring someone to perform a backflow prevention inspection, ensure you hire someone who is familiar with local fire code and will complete flow testing of the actual water. They should also check to make sure that the backflow preventers installed on the water system do not inhibit the water flow demands of your sprinkler system.

Backflow preventers are also important in preventing contaminated water from flowing back into your municipal water supply. By ensuring that water supply from the municipal pipes can only flow forward, you will ensure that you have positive water flow to your sprinkler systems in the case of a fire.

Make sure that your backflow preventers meet all regulatory requirements for preventing damaging backflow. If not, you may be responsible for fines for not adhering to the fire code. A company like APNA Fire & Electrical will ensure your backflow preventers are meeting all regulatory requirements for preventing damaging backflow, while also testing the forward flow and ensuring that the flow requirements for proper functioning of the sprinkler system are being met.

If you have a sprinkler system in your home or business and can’t remember the last time you got it serviced, it’s probably time to call in an expert for a backflow prevention inspection. Call APNA Fire & Electrical and make sure you’re ready in case of a fire emergency.


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