The Importance of Emergency Lighting Inspection

emergency lighting inspection

Emergency lighting constitutes an integral part of the fire safety system of any commercial or residential building. In the event of any fire emergency, the occupants can be safely evacuated from the building with the help of emergency lighting, thereby saving you from injuries and accidents. According to the fire safety codes of various areas, emergency lighting and exit signs should be regularly inspected and tested to ensure that they will function properly during an emergency. 

Emergency lighting inspection is equally important to ensure the maintenance of the system. APNA Fire and Electrical Service Ltd. is a leading service that looks into emergency lighting inspection and other fire safety system components. It further performs operations regarding the installation, testing, and maintenance of such emergency lighting. 

Here is why the idea of emergency lighting inspection is necessary for one and all: 

  • Improved safety: 

Emergency lighting inspection includes a timely inspection of the emergency lighting installation of your residential or commercial building. Such an inspection should be monthly and annually. The regular testing and inspection of this system will ensure that all the loopholes and damages are well taken care of. It provides you with peace of mind and creates a safe environment for you and your people. 

Upon the disruption of power in any building, it could become dangerously dark. To add to this, the emergence of fire could make the situation even worse. Emergency lighting inspection makes it easy for you to find ways out of the building during such an emergency so that you evacuate it quickly. 

  • Ensuring the compliance of the building: 

Having your emergency lighting system inspected now and then ensures the compliance of your residential or commercial buildings with all the fire emergency norms and regulations set up by the official authorities. 

  • Assuring reduced liability: 

If your emergency fire lighting system is not operating correctly, there are higher chances of unexpected events such as property damage, accidents, and injuries. The break out of fire already puts you in a situation of extreme panic, and a damaged emergency lighting system adds insult to injury. You may experience a power outage followed by a greater emergency and destruction. The proper inspection and maintenance of emergency lighting systems help to ward off the above-listed situations and reduces your liability. 

  • Improved performance of the installed system: 

As stated, merely installing an emergency lighting system will not help you to fulfill the purpose of keeping your premises safe. You need to inspect such a system from time to time to ferret out the deficienciesand fix them. A proper emergency lighting inspection may help you improve the performance of your system. 

When the fixtures are tested regularly and maintained properly, they deliver a brilliant performance, especially during the need of the hour. Inspection services include elements like changing the lights, replacing the battery, testing the illumination, etc. Eventually, all areas of concern are well-tested so that the system will serve you well in the long run.

APNA Fire and Electrical Service Ltd. is an efficient service that can help you with the installation and emergency lighting inspection in your building so that you will not face any problem and your safety and well-being are well-preserved. Contact them now. 


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