The Importance of Having a Proper Fire Sprinkler System

You may have occasionally noticed fire sprinklers in a building. They are usually located on the ceiling and consist of pipes and a small round head. Once activated a fire sprinkler system will release water and hopefully stop or slow down a fire until firefighters can respond.

The fire sprinkler system is an integral part of the fire suppression system in any building. They are usually heat activated and water is released once the temperature in the area surrounding the sensor gets too high. Today we are going to take a look at just why the fire sprinkler system is so important and hopefully this will encourage you to get one, if you don’t have it already.

There When You Are Not

There is no guarantee that anybody is going to be in the building when a fire starts. This means that there is nobody there to start putting it out. A fire sprinkler system is there when you are not. It is the first response when it comes to fire suppression in your building. In fact, a fire sprinkler system will often begin to put out a fire minutes before the fire department can get there. This is the top reason why a fire sprinkler system is so important in any building.

Close to Fire

The second reason is the fact that a fire sprinkler system gets extremely close to a fire. It is dangerous of us to get too close to a fire, even if we are aware of it and intend to help put it out. A fire sprinkler system is an automatic water release system that can literally be immersed in flames and still assist in diminishing the fire. Not even a fire fighter can get this close, so this type of system is a must in your fire safety plan.

If your building hasn’t already installed a fire sprinkler system, now is the time to do it. This will put your mind at ease, as you will know you will be helping to protect your building and the people who live in it, even when you are not there.


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