Three Types of Fire Suppression Systems

If you live in, manage, or own a multi-family residential building, such as a condo building, you know how important fire safety is. In any home, fire safety needs to be paramount, but in these buildings with more people, as well as separate and communal spaces, every area needs to be covered by a fire safety plan.

You may already know that the first line of defense when it comes to protecting you and your building from fire is a fire suppression system. In the unfortunate event of a fire, a fire suppression system will try to prevent the fire from spreading, by attempting to put it out using a mix of materials. Today, we’re going to introduce you to the types of fire suppression systems that we use at APNA Fire & Electrical Services Ltd.

Water-Based Fire Suppression System

This is the most common type of fire suppression system. Water is what can suppress the majority of fires and we are all familiar with sprinkler systems. We can offer a water-based fire suppression system that can be activated automatically when smoke and heat are detected. There are also manual water-based sprinkler systems that can be turned on when there is a fire.

Chemical-Based Fire Suppression System

In certain buildings a chemical-based fire suppression system can be extremely useful in the event of a fire. Chemicals used in these are the same or similar to those that are used in fire extinguishers and can quickly put out fires when activated. These can protect assets that would otherwise be damaged by water.

Gas-Based Fire Suppression System

Lastly, we also offer a gas-based fire suppression system. These will release a gas that can suppress fires which thrive in oxygen-rich environments. One of the advantages of a gas-based fire suppression system is that there is no clean up needed after they have been turned on, for areas that have not been affected by the fire.

Contact APNA Fire & Electrical Services Ltd to learn more about the fire suppression systems we offer and how we install them. We will make sure that your entire building is covered in the event of a fire and that you are trained how to use them.

Fire safety is more than necessary in a multi-family residential building, and a fire suppression system from APNA Fire & Electrical Services Ltd will drastically help in contributing to this effort.


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