What are Automatic Emergency Lights and their Benefits?

Automatic Emergency Lights

An automatic emergency light is a battery-backed lighting unit that will be turned ON automatically when the power supply gets off. The purpose of automatic emergency lights is to ensure that there will be adequate light provided when normal lighting fails. To ensure that people within the building can evacuate safely in the event of an emergency, it is vital to get emergency lighting inspection services from a trusted company like Apna Fire and Electrical Services Ltd. With lightning plans, sales, installation, inspection, and testing, you can get all emergency lighting services in one place.

The automatic emergency lights built with LEDs are proven to provide adequate lighting for a longer period of time. The automatic emergency lights will provide you with a light-sensing feature. This will give you an automatic supply of electricity in case of emergency situations. It is essential to keep a check on these emergency lights by having lightning inspection services once a month.

There are various components used in creating automatic emergency light circuits for sufficient power supply. They are listed below:

  • Voltage regulators
  • Light-dependent resistors
  • Transistors
  • High brightness LEDs
  • Red LED
  • Batteries
  • Step down transformers

These components are common to creating automatic emergency light circuits, but may vary in numbers. When you connect these components, care should be taken that there will be no AC or DC current flow between them. If the current flows between them, then it will blow the circuit.

There are various benefits you will get with automatic emergency lighting.

Benefits of Automatic Emergency Lights

There are various advantages of automatic emergency lights. They are:

  • Automatic emergency lights are easy to install with simple steps for the setup process.
  • Components available to create automatic emergency light circuits are easily available and are less expensive.
  • They are considered to be the best choice when it comes to saving energy.
  • These lights will automatically turn ON when normal lights fail. Therefore, you do not need to struggle in the dark.
  • The battery starts charging as soon as the normal light and power resumes.
  • The automatic emergency lights are extremely bright as compared to normal lights.
  • With its own battery charging properties, it will automatically stop charging when the battery gets fully charged.

These are some benefits you will get with automatic emergency lights. You should take care of these lights by getting emergency lightning inspection services.

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