When is it Time to Replace a Fire Extinguisher?

Fire Extinguisher

Whether you are working in your commercial space or you are living in your home, the fire extinguisher is a must need element that should be accessible in many places. The fire extinguisher is an essential part of a fire safety plan and can even require inspection sometimes. You can get fire suppression services from experts like Apna Fire & Electrical Services Ltd.

Most of the fire extinguishers are rarely used for the suppression of fires, which means they do not get the attention or preventive maintenance required. Well, you should know when you should replace a fire extinguisher with a new one, so you can be sure it will work when you do need it.

Shelf-life of fire extinguisher

Basically, the shelf-life of a fire extinguisher depends on its type. Dry chemical extinguishers have a service interval that may last up to 12 years. Pressurized water, CO2, and wet chemical extinguishers may last up to 5 years of shelf life. After their respective time periods, the fire extinguisher will be subject to a service or hydrostatic testing. After testing, you will get a replaced fire extinguisher that will have a shelf life of about 5,6 or 12 years. There are various other non-rechargeable fire extinguishers as well that will be disposed of and can be replaced by every 12 years.

So, this is all about its shelf life. But, the question arises, how do you know that you need to replace a fire extinguisher? Let us find out!

Factors help you to determine the age of your fire extinguisher

  • The last serviced date on the extinguisher will help you to determine if it requires replacement or not.
  • If the fire extinguisher fails the hydrostatic test, then you need to change it or replace it.
  • When the fire extinguisher technology is out of date.

If you find any of these conditions, then these are the signs that you must replace the fire extinguisher with a new one. Other signs like safety pin damage, cracks on the extinguisher, an accidental drop of extinguisher, or any mechanical issues can also lead to the replacement of it.

You can always get fire suppression services from Apna Fire and Electrical ensure your safety.


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