Why 10 year electrical inspections in Surrey are important for homeowners

Owning a home comes with a huge list of maintenance and repairs and upkeep on your property. This is why inspections are so important when you’re buying a home in Surrey, especially if the property is older.

One of the systems that often goes forgotten is the electrical inspection. The electrical system only needs thorough inspection once every ten years, but it’s important to hire a professional for your electrical inspection in Surrey. Like plumbing, roofing, and heating systems, an electrical system will deteriorate over time.

It helps to have a sense of what an electrical inspection in Surrey is looking for. By staying mindful of how old your outlets, light switches, and electrical panels, you can better anticipate issues or problems as these components wear down.

Smoke detector expiry

You may be aware that smoke detectors need to be tested every year to ensure it is working properly. But did you know that smoke detectors actually expire after ten years? Smoke detectors have a sensor that’s designed to be sensitive to smoke particles. Over time, this sensor is exposed to dust and oxygen that contaminates it. Check the back of the detector to find the expiry date.

Worn external electrical wires

While the electrical wires that provide power to your home are not your direct responsibility, they still affect your system. For example, an electrical wire outside your home that has a broken conductor from heavy weather can cause your system to short circuit or blow appliances that are plugged in during a surge. If the electrical wires near your home look worn, alert the city so they can send a repair crew as soon as possible.

Test breakers that prevent electrical fires

The arc fault breaker is a specific part of your electrical panel that breaks an electrical circuit if it detects electricity jumps between conductors. For example, if you hammer a nail into an electrical wire by accident, the electricity will “arc” from the circuit to the nail and cause a spark or flash. These breakers are highly sensitive and can easily break.

Test outlets that prevent electrocution

The outlets that are located near water in your bathrooms and kitchens are called GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter). Regular outlets are not safe enough to prevent electrocution in the event that water gets on the electrical system. These are also highly sensitive and will break an electrical circuit if it detects electricity that is running off it’s path, such as through water or electrocuting a person.


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