Why are Fire Alarms So Loud?

Fire Alarms

If you have ever been to a concert or passed by a jackhammer at a construction site, you would probably have an idea of how badly the loud sounds hurt your ears. The fire suppression services provided by fire protection experts have fire alarms fitted in the systems. They are very loud, and many people find it explosive to the ear, which can cause various issues in the ear. We know that fire alarms are loud, but is there any way to protect your ears from the noise of these alarms?

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The loudness associated with a fire alarm system is supposed to startle everyone in the building into action. There is no doubt that prolonged exposure associated with this fire system may lead to hearing damage. But do you know that you can even customize these alarms from fire protection experts like Apna Fire and Electrical Services Ltd., to provide you with alarms that are not louder than necessary?

How to Protect your Ears from Fire Alarm Loud Noise?

It is very important to protect your ears from loud noise coming from fire alarms. The instant reaction for most of the people is that they intensively cover their ears. But creating an evacuation plan and conducting fire drills to ensure timely escape from this loud noise can help you out. If you have any doubts regarding your fire alarms, then you can easily contact a fire suppression services provider that can inspect and install a new fire protection system at your property.

Why Do Fire Alarm Systems in a Building Vary in Volume?

The main objective of the fire protection system is to make sure that everyone in the building knows to evacuate. This is one of the reasons why NFPA requires fire horns and alarms to sound louder in ambient noises. This means there are fixed decibels with which fire alarms should be associated. For example, in a building like an office or restaurant, the fire alarm system horns should be set to 75db, whereas in an industrial area, where the noise of machinery is loud, the fire alarm system may be set higher and reach the maximum level of 120db.

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The high volume of fire alarms accounts for the fact that the noise must reach every area of the space, regardless of the ambient noise. Therefore, there will be variations in the sound of fire alarms.


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