Why Should You Book a Backflow Prevention Inspection?

Fall is here. It is time to get your building ready for the cold months. You need to make sure the windows are insulated, and you need to make sure that the heat is working in every part of your building. You should also make sure you get a top to bottom fire safety inspection done. This will make sure that your system is ready for anything that might happen in the cold seasons. Along with checking your fire suppression system and fire extinguishers, you should not neglect the biannual inspection of the fire hydrant in front of your building and you need to make sure to book a backflow prevention inspection while you are at it.

A backflow preventer does exactly what the name suggests. It prevents water from flowing back into the municipal water system from your system. The backflow preventer makes sure that the water pumped into your building is always clean and ready for all household uses including consumption. The problem that can come from having a backflow preventer that is not working properly is that it may sometimes impede the usefulness of a sprinkler system installed in your building. This is why it is important to make sure that you book a backflow prevention inspection,along with all the other winter prep inspections you have planned for your building.

A backflow prevention inspection takes the form of two kinds of inspections. There is the monthly inspection that includes a visual inspection of the valves and gauges, and once a year there is the complete forward flow testing of the actual water pressure to the sprinkler system. This is to make sure that when you need a sprinkler system with a good flow, nothing is hampering the water pressure. Having a backflow preventer is great for making sure contaminated water stays out of the municipal water supply, but it should also prevent water from slowing into your sprinkler system.

As a landlord or building manager, you have a big responsibility to the people who occupy your building. You need to make sure that there is always clean water coming from the taps and you also must make sure that there is water in the sprinkler system. A backflow prevention inspectionis how you find out if you need to fix something. Apna Fire and Electrical Services are the people you trust with your fire suppression system, so trust them with your backflow prevention inspection.


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