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Backflow Prevention Installation

Backflow Prevention Surrey

Among the requirements of fire protections systems, it is important to ensure that the backflow preventers installed on the property’s water system do not inhibit the water flow demands of your sprinkler system.

Backflow preventers prevent contaminated water from flowing backward into the municipal water supply, essentially ensuring that the water supply from the municipal pipes can only flow forward. However, these backflow prevention assemblies can have an impact on the rate of water flow to installed sprinkler systems, compromising their effectiveness.

APNA Fire & Electrical sprinkler installation experts are also experts in backflow prevention assembly installation. We will ensure that your backflow preventers are meeting all regulatory requirements for preventing damaging backflow, while also testing the forward flow and ensuring that the flow requirements for proper functioning of the sprinkler system are being met.

Backflow Prevention Inspections

The fire code mandates regular inspections of your backflow preventers to ensure continued water supply pressure to your sprinkler systems. These inspections include monthly visual inspections of valves and gauges, as well as complete annual forward flow testing of the actual water pressure to the sprinkler system.

APNA Fire & Electrical provides backflow preventer inspections and forward flow testing of all types of sprinkler systems in Surrey, Vancouver, Richmond, Abbotsford, Burnaby, Ladner and Chilliwack. To schedule an inspection, or testing of your backflow preventers and sprinkler system, call the APNA team today.


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