Fire Extinguisher Services

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Fire Extinguisher Inspection Surrey

Fire Extinguisher Services Surrey

APNA Fire & Electrical provides Fire Extinguisher Services, including inspection, testing, and recharging, to ensure that your premises are compliant with all fire safety regulations and codes. It is required that all fire extinguishers be inspected and tested annually, to ensure that they will work properly when needed.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Testing

Our fire extinguisher inspection service includes:

  • Locating all extinguishers and evaluating their accessibility
  • Checking pressure gauges
  • Cleaning extinguishers and inspecting them for damage, rust, etc.
  • Recharging fire extinguishers
  • Checking test dates for internal inspections or hydrostatic testing
  • Inspecting valve stems, removing and cleaning hoses, replacing tamper seals
  • Updating certification tags to confirm certification for another year

Fire Extinguisher Recharge

Fire extinguishers which don’t pass inspection due to lack of pressure, or those which have exceeded their expiry dates, may be recharged to return them to fully compliant readiness. APNA technicians are fully trained and ready to recharge your fire extinguishers, quickly and capably.

Having fire extinguishers well-located and accessible, as well as ensuring that they are maintained properly and are fully functional, may mean the difference between quickly dealing with a small fire emergency, with little damage done, and a costly and dangerous large-scale fire, due to the lack of fire extinguishers for early intervention.

Don’t take changes with fire safety. Call APNA Fire & Electrical Services for Fire Extinguisher Services in Surrey, Vancouver, Richmond, Abbotsford, Burnaby, Ladner and Chilliwack.


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