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Fire Hydrant Inspections Surrey

Fire Hydrant Inspections Surrey

Under the BC Fire Code and local bylaws, property owners are responsible for fire hydrants which are located on their property. They must be inspected and tested to ensure that they are functioning properly and that they are clearly marked and unobstructed.

Physical inspections must be done every six months, as well as after each use. A complete annual inspection and testing is also required, which is much more involved. Some of the requirements include:

  • Testing the water pressure, to ensure that it is adequate and consistent
  • Flushing the hydrant with all valves fully opened
  • Checking for leaks and rusting
  • Complete dismantling and inspection of components
  • Replacement of caps and components which are worn, or damaged
  • Repair of valves which are leaking
  • Painting of hydrants, if necessary
  • Ensuring a clear view of the hydrant from the road, and unobstructed access to the hydrant by fire crews

APNA Fire & Electrical crews are fully trained and aware of all fire code regulations regarding fire hydrant inspections, testing, and maintenance in Surrey, Vancouver, Richmond, Abbotsford, Burnaby, Ladner, and Chilliwack. We will make sure that the hydrants located on your property are properly maintained and compliant with all regulations. Call APNA today to schedule your fire hydrant inspection and testing.


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