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Fire Sprinkler Systems Surrey

Sprinkler Systems Surrey

Sprinkler systems are a key element in the fire safety system for a commercial or public structure, offering automated fire intervention, even when a fire occurs in an unattended area. This fire safety measure can minimize the damage caused by a fire, containing it, and preventing severe property loss, or worse, injuries and loss of life.

Sophisticated, modern sprinkler systems have highly sensitive heat sensors, which are triggered by the high heat of a fire, resulting in an immediate response. This will usually happen less than 4 minutes after a fire has started; much sooner than the fire department can respond and begin fighting the fire.

Sprinkler systems Installation

APNA Fire and Electrical provides professional fire sprinkler systems design and installation, to properly protect your property, and its occupants. Using quality system components, our trained, experienced, and licensed team will install your sprinkler system, ensuring that all areas are adequately covered, and that all fire code requirements are met.

Sprinkler Systems Inspections

Once your sprinkler system has been installed, regular inspections and service are required to check the components and ensure that the system is functioning correctly. A dated, or poorly maintained sprinkler system may fail in an emergency, negating the benefits of having such a system installed.

Trust the experts at APNA for sprinkler inspection and sprinkler service & repairs in Surrey, Vancouver, Richmond, Abbotsford, Burnaby, Ladner and Chilliwack. We provide thorough, timely service, at competitive pricing. With APNA, you will never have to worry about whether your sprinkler system will be ready to trigger in a fire emergency.


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